#Sharepoint Communication Sites are here to stay. Kudos to Microsoft

Today is an exciting day, after a close follow up of communication sites, something I have been expecting since the last MVP Summit, they have finally arrived, please note that they might have not arrived to your tenant yet, you need to enable First Preview first, and even then, it might take a few weeks to arrive to all of them.

I created my first site, type Inform, and I got this nice banner on the top:

This is a new web part, where I can actually select the layout too.

On the layout options, there is something called layers, what it actually does, it just stacks the banners one on top of the other.

The amazing thing about this webpart, is that you can actually edit each part or banner individually, as seen below

And it opens a different property pane:

I cant wait to see how to do this in Sharepoint Framework, I guess some guidance coming about this part.

The news webpart has been revamped, and now I can select different types of layouts too:

There is new events webpart that I guess uses Microsoft Graph under the hood, it can show you future events coming soon

Now, probably the most exciting part: section layouts.

Now I can add sections with different layouts, and even multi column layouts, something I asked since November, but I guess the PG had it on its backlog since long time

and the design experience is pretty neat:

With this possibilites are infinite:

Menu at the top is easily editable:

There is also a new List Webpart (something like the old List View Webpart) but revamped for modern sites.

With this new tools then I think building Intranet Sites with classic sites will be deprecated soon, it makes no sense to invest time and effort on those classic solutions with these new modern capabilities, and yes we can still use Sharepoint Framework web parts here, to even add more customized webparts like charts, birthday, contacts apps, etc.

And the best of all, they are all 100% responsive automatically.

You gotta love this, Kudos to Microsoft