Moved to Belgium, Now Sharepoint Architect at Pricewaterhousecoopers BE

Hello Guys

Thanks a lot for being patient, last few months have been complex and hadnt time to blog or post new videos and content.

I was doing a lot of relocation paperwork and finally last monday I started as Sharepoint Architect at PwC Belgium.

I am so happy to start here as the role is more focused on what I really love and not as my previous job where as CTO I had to do everything and know almost all kind of languages and I couldnt focus on what I wanted, the challenge was nice but at the end you dont learn and get better and known for a few specific technologies.

So I get this opportunity again and I am back, keep an eye on my blog for day to day problems and solutions, and hopefully we will catch up on any Sharepoint Conference in Europe.

See you guys.