MVP Award Renewed and Latam Initative #SOMOSLULOTV

Its been another year of hard work, since living in Belgium again from 2017, its difficult to get used to how things work here, and its even more difficult to find a spot on the already technical community around.

Anyway I did it again, For 4 year in a row I got the MVP Award renewal confirmation this morning, and now its time to celebrate.


What is it?
Its a free Youtube channel with training videos, short, specific to a subject?

Who are we?
2 great Friends and Sharepoint MVPs, passionate for technology in general.
Fernando Chiquiza
Luis Valencia

Is it a product?
No, #SOMOSLULOTV is absolutely free, with content from my self, Fernando Chiquiza and anyone who wants to join

Spanish Only, we target Latam and Spain, of course all spanish speakers living around the world.

How can I get in touch?
Just DM me on twitter @levalencia or @fchiquiza

We are in: