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CompartiMOSS - 50 Numeros

El día de ayer la revista CompartiMOSS ha cumplido su numero 50.  Para esto los organizadores han creado un evento especial para hablar con algunos de los diferentes autores que han contribuido a

Comunidad AI Live - Videos

On this post I wanted to summarize all videos of each session of our latest Comunidad AI Live Event. This event was organized by Fernando Chiquiza, Luis Beltran and Luis Valencia. Day 1

Comunidad AI Live - November 25/26 2021

Comunidad AI Live is a community founded in 2020 aiming to share information about AI and ML, initially targeted to the LATAM audience, but in 2021 we amplified our audience allowing speakers to

[Algorithms] - Multi class classification

[Algorithms] - Multi class classification

From Techopedia: Linear multiclass classification is a specific kind of targeted algorithm philosophy in machine learning and the field of structured prediction that uses both linear and multiclass methods. A multiclass classification is

[Algorithms] - Support Vector Machines

[Algorithms] - Support Vector Machines

A support vector machine (SVM) is a supervised machine learning model that uses classification algorithms for two-group classification problem. Compared to newer algorithms like neural networks, they have two main advantages: higher speed